Intervention-Less Wells Solutions

Our suite of Wells Performance solutions (working with our Strategic / Technical Partner – ScanWell) tackle conventional pain areas with unconventional/niche technology
(Non-Intrusive service offerings).


Acoustics Logging & Surveys

Wellbore intrusion comes with a host of risks and costs for Operators. Our niche non-intrusive or interventionless technologies and know-how tackle acquisition of bottom-hole pressure (BHP) and other data from Well surface in record time and at significantly reduced costs / operational risks (i.e. production losses/deferment). No upfront PVT or Well Test data required.

Well Barrier & Integrity Services

Our Non-Intrusive Leak investigation techniques combine patented solutions with unconventional thinking to diagnose leak sources in tubing, annulus, casing, valves etc. Leak rates are also determined, paving the way for targeted repairs of key integrity anomalies for enhanced Wells Performance and Safety.

Perfstage - Well-Barrier-Integrity-Serv

Gas-Lift Diagnostics & Optimisation

Diagnostics and design are at the core of optimized gas-lift delivery. PerfEx+ScanWell deliver / project-manage end-to-end gas-lift optimization offerings. From diagnostics using our patented Non-Intrusive Tracer Pulse & Dilution technology, design is carried out based on Well conditions / needs prior to hardware supply, installation and monitoring.

Real-time Gas Compositional Analysis

Surface / skid mounted integrated system with small foot-print delivers continuous and unattended accurate compositional analysis of natural gas (C1 – C7+) including corossive components such as C02 & H2S. Configurable to be monitored from desktop or control room.

Strategic / Technical Partner

PerfEx Collaborative Partnerships – Building sustainable alliances that deliver innovative solutions, local capability/capacity, bottom-line performance.

Performance Expert Solutions

Performance Alliance

PerfEx is entering into strategic relationships with high performance partners that share its values and vision. Together, we are forming a performance alliance in the region.