Performance Levers for
Wells Optimization

Is your organization’s PWT goal to meet your discharge limit today and tomorrow? Is it to upgrade your existing systems capacity for future and take advantage of low-cost, small foot-print bespoke technology solutions? Or perhaps, it is to achieve certain PPM polishing to enable discharge by barge further out.

Working with our strategic partner, Enhydra, with over 35 years of PWT & WI experience, our patented solutions guarantee the above and more; ensuring that your business Wells performance targets are not compromised by inefficient PWT strategies & solutions.


Produced Water Treatment

Inefficiencies in produced water management systems can cost your business money, resources and sub-optimized Wells performance. From situation evaluation to problem diagnostics, equipment design to packaging and installation, our Solutions Architects and Engineers focus on client objectives and cost-saving but efficient approaches for the best-value outcomes.

Strategic / Technical Partner

PerfEx Collaborative Partnerships – Building sustainable alliances that deliver innovative solutions, local capability/capacity, bottom-line performance.

Performance Expert Solutions

Performance Alliance

PerfEx is entering into strategic relationships with high performance partners that share its values and vision. Together, we are forming a performance alliance in the region.